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All Supergirl in any incarnation, any situation, and any format.
Founded 4 Years ago
Sep 28, 2010


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Fan Club

1,079 Members
1,851 Watchers
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From Kara Zor-El, to Linda Danvers, to any and all that is Supergirl. All images must reflect the spirit of the Kryptonian Goddess that have won our hearts over time. Any medium is welcome, all I ask is submit to the proper folders, and there will be no problems.


Membership in SupergirlDAFC implies you have an artistic desire to show your love of Supergirl. Membership requires that you have some self created deviations. Reason being not to clutter the Group up with members when there is a DeviantWatch list.

Contributors, may be chosen by Founder/Co-Founder Bi-weekly, for artistic ability, as well as a comprehension of Group rules, and protocol.

Members are limited to 5 Deviation a day currently.
Contributors have no limit as of today, for submission of Deviations.

Submission limits for now are 5 for members that are subject to vote, and unlimited to contributors daily. I ask only for quality, not quantity.

:bulletred: No WIP
:bulletred: No sketches on notebook paper
:bulletred: No Unfinished work
:bulletred: No chibi charictures

:bulletgreen: Cosplay welcomed
:bulletgreen: Literature is fine
:bulletgreen: Multiple Character is welcomed as long Supergirl is present

:bulletyellow: Nudity is tolerated to a point.

Porn and underage nudity is NOT allowed in this site and will be immediately rejected. There are other groups for that. If you need a definition of porn I direct you to DA definition of porn as stated in the DA Terms of service…

All art should be original, or credited to the artist properly. Failure will result in removal from the group. Give credit where credit is due people.

Supergirl, and all Logos, are property of DC Comics.


The SupergirlDAFC Chatroom is at…

As of 01/24/11 ...
We have approx. 2037 Supergirl art pictures and stories.... (Kclcmdr)
First let me say to you all Happy New Year.  Second I like to announce I am making a new satelite Group.  For the past 4 Years I have been trung, and failing to get a Comic series off the ground.  The premise was a simple one seeing what has happened over the years to our heroes, such as Supergirl.

The project was called Heroine Prime, and the objective was to bring a small select group of DC Superheroine to modern 21st Century Earth.  The first incarnation was good, except by the end of the second issue, I had pre-dated everything that the New 52 did:ashamed: thus created a Adult Graphic Novel that lacked everything I was trying to do.

The second attempt just...never got off the ground because as my life had taken a fall, and lack of knowledgeable people to help, it just went to the wayside (to date I have 6 pages of images for the second attempt on this laptop).  The other problem, well is this laptop.  It hates making comics.:facepalm:

Third time the charm?  For me it is. mind you I did found this group, and it was because of Supergirl Heroine Prime ever existed.  But in my heart, I am a Wonder Woman Gal.  I followed her up until the early 80's, and by the 90's lost interest as the story seem to got skewed (yet she was still my Wonder Woman).  Then in September all changed.  I read isue #1 of Wonder Woman, and then went to see my doctor.  Mind you I have nothing against any oe that likes the New 52, but these are my opinions, and my alone.  These aren't my Heroes...the may look like them, have their names, identities, checking accounts....but...this ain't them.

o just when I'm about to bury Heroine Prime for good, THEY KEEP DRAGGING ME BACK!  Heroine Prime will cover the Origins and Continuing adventures of the true Heroines of DC.  January issue was the first with Wonder Woman to be concluded in February.  So why am I writing this?  Because March...It's SUPERGIRL!

So I will need some consultants, as her origins will follow 90% of her first origins, with some DCAU stuff thrown in for measure (I almost killed off Marvins Mom so I can use the help).  BTW there will be a group for the series, it's :iconheroine-primeda:.  As of yet it's still in the setup stages so no memberships YET.  But if you are interested this is a list of Heroines who shall be covered in Heroine Prime.

Wonder Woman
Donna Troy
Bat Woman
Black Canary
The Huntress

As soon as I set up the group I will inform you, and set up an affiliate to this group.  Until then Thank you for your interest. and Happy New Years. :superman:
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The official :iconsupergirldafc: chatroom
SupergirlDAFC Chatroom

The discussion of this chatroom is General, what ever is on your mind. It is an open resourxe to be used to share ideas, and thoughts as well as Deviations.

Anyone can join the Chatroom that include Deviant Watchers. There are several titles to choose from.

:bulletred: KaraZor-El
:bulletred: Matrix
:bulletred: LindaDanvers
:bulletred: Evil-Supergirl
:bulletred: All-Supergirl

Only Kryton-Gods (Founders), and Super-Mods can give titles

:bulletblue: Krypton-Gods - Founders/Co-Founders
:bulletblue: Super-Mods - Contributors



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Hi Supergirl fans and those who read this page's comments! I recently got a tablet so I'd like to inform that I'll be able to make color works again much like my older works but better. Please stay tuned for further updates as they're made either here or on my page. As well look forward to a certain Supergirl costume returning!
Supergirl Angels in the Sky by J-BIRDSPRINGS  
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Ah man, before I go on break I just gotta say-I REAAALLY respect whoever made this group, like seriously...Supergirl deserves ALOT of attention and its not just cause she's made pretty:

Her stories are always interesting (the writers for her deserve kisses)

Her personality is more put together (yet no one has given her a reboot wrong)

She's more capable than Superman, fighting and love ( So, technically she's the BIG S-no seriously...she was born first..the more you know)
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